February 24, 2011

2011 ITG Baseball Heroes and Prospect is live

Some people may not be as excited about this product as I am, but when I saw the previews, I really liked it. There are some tough hits when dealing with prospects because you never know how they are going to sell, but the best thing about most prospects is that they are usually at their highest selling point before they make it to the bigs.

I never understood that.

For a non-licensed product, I think this is very well done. I don't even get disappointed by sticker autos because I understand the point of them. Without sticker autos, certain players don't make the product and then you get redemptions. I dislike redemptions way more than sticker autos.

The design is very clean from the images I've looked at and for the most part the placement of the stickers are spot on.

Because it's unlicensed there are some drawbacks. There seems to be noticeable times when words or logos are missing.

Here are some early looks at ITG cards. What do you think?

- Carlton Fisk auto/patch 1/1 (pictured)
- Mike Trout Hard Cuts auto /24
- Johnny Bench jersey /160
- Lou Brock jersey /160
- Cal Ripken Jr. jersey
- Jameson Tallion auto


  1. I concur. I've been excited about this product since I first saw preview images a while back. It's easily one of the more interesting baseball products of the very early season!!!

  2. The Jameson Tallion auto card looked ok, but the Hall of Famer relics don't appeal to me.

    If you're going to produce cards without the license to use the logos, embrace the cheesiness and go for an over-the-top design. Don't try for something that would have been at home in a boring Upper Deck mid-range set.