February 6, 2011

2011 Fantasy Baseball League

I know it's Super Bowl Sunday but I am thinking about fantasy baseball leagues. Each year I run a league with 10 teams, and it is usually between only bloggers and readers. I would love to do that again this year and hope that the guys from last season want to return again.

The teams that are invited back are:

-The Franchise
-A Cardboard Solution
-Bobby's Cox
-Victorious Secret
-Mr. Scott's F Ups
-The Dude
-Cards on Cards
-Purple Donkey

Once people confirm they are in for 2011, I will then open up the remaining spots to other people. This year I have a new rule: if you are not paid prior to the draft, you will not have a team. I had some issues last season that I will not go through again. The price will remain the same, $20 per team to keep it fun.

Please confirm that you will be staying in or opting out.


  1. I will take a spot if possible. Been in rotiss leagues since 1986 but none with card mavens.

  2. I'd love a spot if it opens up!


  3. I'll gladly fill an open spot.

  4. I Love your blog and have been reading it for awhile with SCU. If I could have a spot that would be sweet. My team is Waffle Zone. Where do I send paypal?

  5. I've been waiting for this post since the new year. :-)

    Count me as back in for my season three!

  6. I joined up for another season of personal mediocrity.