February 9, 2011

2010 Bowman Black (Redemptions)

Yesterday I wandered over to the card shop because I needed some more boxes to pack up the last of the 2011 Topps Jumbo case (I still need to know who had the Marlins and Phillies!) and I was telling Dave how we never got our redemption from the case. He took pity on my sadness and gave me a pack that they were sent.

He was supposed to give them to people who threw out their wrappers and didn't know, but I opened about 20 packs in the store one day and left the wrappers because I didn't care. Clearly it worked out in my favor anyway since I still got a pack AND I am STILL waiting for the packs form our case.

I heard that Topps got out all the remaining redemption for the 2010 Bowman Chrome on Friday, so we shall see. I have already e-mailed someone at Topps and got a contact person in case we do not get them this week.

Who wants to see what was in my pack? OK, settle down.

Craig Clark

Eric Niesen

J.J. Hoover

Sheng-An Kuo

Jaff Decker

Slade Heathcott (yay)

Dustin Ackley

Caleb Brewer

Matt Tucker

There was also an Anthony Rizzo card in the pack, but I left it at the shop for the Woodpecker (Dan) since I think he was collecting him. I would have also left that Mets dude there for him also but I didn't notice it until I scanned the cards.

Did anyone get these packs back and pull an auto? More importantly, did anyone get these back and pull a J.R. Murphy card? I feel like I have a nice little starter collection of Murphy going so I'd be inclined to trade for a card of his.

For the record, I like these cards better in black borders than the white.


  1. I guess they look better in person because scans don't do much for me.

  2. I'm still waiting for my packs I sent in 3 boxes worth of wrappers.