February 23, 2011

1st Diamond Embedded 1/1 Card Hits eBay

I got an email earlier today from a reader pointing out something that came up when he was looking for something completely different. He thought I would find it interesting... I sure do. While I have no interest in the player on the card, this is an interesting card to say the least. This is the first diamond embedded redemption card to hit eBay. It has 6 offers to date.

What do you think it will sell for? Would you bid on one of these of your favorite player?

I would bid, but I am way to cheap to ever win one.


  1. A Halladay 1/1 with a diamond? Yeah, I'd want to bid on it, but I know I wouldn't. Is it dumb to wonder how many carats and what clarity the diamond is? I guess that has a direct effect on the price too. I wonder, without anything to go on, how the seller came up with 2999 as a starting point.

  2. I'm too cheap to bid on it too. Cards are expensive enough even before you put a real diamond in it.

  3. If i got one of these cards, i would check to see how much i owe in student loans and price it accordingly :)

    I kid. But i would start it very high and hope for an offer to come in for more than i would expect and just take it and run. Maybe his guy put it at high to see what others pop up and what they sell for so he doesnt sell it too low.

  4. I am in the same boat, I would bid on say a Morneau or Mauer diamond card, but would never throw down enough coin to win one.

  5. I would drop a bid, but I'm sure I'd get left behind early.

    I'm willing to bet that some of the cards with silver coins integrated into them would have more intrinsic value than these diamond embedded cards.

    It would really depend on the quality of the Diamond. It's got to be somewhere between Tiffany and a drill bit--it's just a matter of where.