January 13, 2011

When does Montero take a bat to Martin's knee cap?

I could only imagine what Jesus Montero was thinking when he learned the New York Yankees signed Russ Martin. Well, the signing probably didn't mean much to him because Martin has not been good the last two years.

So, Montero likely laughed at that. But what about when Martin came out and said he was told he would be the starting catcher?

Wait a second ...

Montero has been brandied about as one of the next best hitters.

He is always in the top 3 when it comes to Baseball America's prospect lists. If he was a better catcher, he would probably be number 1 on the list. The problem is he is terrible defensively. So, he's gotten better behind the plate? Outside of the Yankees own scouts, where has that been said?

According to a friend of mine who follows the minors religiously, Montero is best suited as a first baseman or a DH. But in New York, both of those positions are locked up right now with Mark Texieira and Jorge Posada.

Ok, so what does this have to do with baseball cards?

Plenty if you're a prospector. They have put in considerable amount of money in Montero hoping he is going to become the next Albert Pujols. Get in cheap – or as cheap as you can right now – and sell, sell, sell when he explodes onto the New York scene.

His prospect cards are not cheap.

Look at any of his 2008 Bowman Chrome autos. And forget about the refractors.

BGS 9.5 2008 Bowman Chrome gold refractor has an absurd BIN price.

One of my very dearest prospecting friends has a prediction for Montero's 2011. Martin will hurt his knee very early in the season, which will force Montero into the starting role. Two weeks later, no one will remember Martin and he will retire with no press attention whatsoever because Montero is on his way to hitting 100 home runs. As soon as he belts home run No. 100, he retires from the Yankees two weeks before the end of the season.

That's when the Yankees collapse and lose the AL East to the Boston Red Sox and the AL wild card. He also mentioned something about Montero signing with the Red Sox after, but I stopped listening.


  1. Your friend's prediction about Martin getting hurt is likely to come true. I don't see any way he stays healthy for the whole year.

    The rest of the stuff, I don't know ...

  2. You've got some smart friends. Montero is already on pace for over 200 HR's in 2011 though, so that estimate of 100 is a bit shy.

  3. I believed that once Martin became a Yankee that Montero would be traded. Either Brian Cashman is trying to find the right deal or Martin may have opened his mouth too soon. I think if Montero is with the team come spring training it will be an open competition between Martin and Montero. Just don't over look Austin Romine, who is a better defensive catcher and a pretty good hitter in his own right.
    I still think Montero will be traded and Romine will be the catcher of the future.

  4. I think Montero will be traded for some much-needed starting pitching. And how come no Love for J.R. Murphy, even if his average was down this year?