January 27, 2011

Hobby Box Break and Review: 2010 Topps Supreme Football

The good folks over at Topps sent me a box of 2010 Topps Supreme Football to break and review. I normally do not collect or buy football so I thought this would be an interesting product to open. I really liked the box they came in... I like the fancy boxes cards can sometimes come in.

I decided to open the box live on UStream last night and you can view the video here, or you can just see the hits now. I am not that entertaining so you didn't miss much.

Each box of 2010 Topps Supreme Football yields one pack containing 4 cards and retails around $100. As one of Topps high end products the cards do not disappoint. The base cards are a thick heavy card stock and are all serial numbered. I really like the design of this set as well, the base red and gold are nice on the eyes, while the black and gold makes the /25 serial numbering easily distinguishable.

Take a look:

Dan Marino /200

Vernon Davis /200

Larry Fitzgerald /25

Golden Tate Quad relic /15 (with 4 of the same color jersey pieces...)

Here is what I think of the product:

Design: B+/A-

Overall I really like this design, it is sharp and crisp and the action shots on a plain background work for me. The reason I won't give it an A is because this isn't a big enough sample to be an effective judgement of the other relics. I don't like that the hit in the box is a plain blue jersey that appears to be the same piece through the two center panels. I am sure there are other relics out there with multi-color swatches, but this card should have had one being a very low serial numbered card.

Base cards and parallels: A

The colors on these cards are great, and for a high end product like this I would expect each card to be serial numbered. The base cards are a thicker card stock as I mentioned earlier.

Value: C-

This grade is solely based on this box. For me personally, if I had spent $100 on this box and pulled that jersey card as my hit I would have cried. However, had I pulled a Tebow auto, Brady auto, Manning auto or relic, or dual/quad auto etc. I would have thought it was well worth the money spent.

Quality: A

All of the cards in the pack were mint, no slight creases near the swatch panels, no dinged corners and no chips in the edges.

Overall grade: B

This is the type of product that you gamble on the hit, and there are products like this across all brands and sports. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but that is the risk involved so you can't go blaming Topps when you get a "dud" hit. Remember, your "dud" could be someone elses "mojo" hit.

What do you guys think of the design of the cards? Do you agree with me about the GU materials on the card or do you think that it's fine either way because you get 4 pieces?


  1. The design has me torn. The background is the color of a Las Vegas Casino Lobby. The pictures aren't all that great and the swatches are cool but aren't anything special over other card swatches. Thanks for the review.

  2. Did you happen to notice on my blog what I pulled from the 6 boxes of supreme that I opened? Check it out if you didn't. Topps and their serial numbers.....what a mess.

  3. I thought the product was a mixed bag. The heavy-stock cards are a necessity at that price-point. I pulled a 6-swatch card. Nice, right? But cant ya' give me patches? MUST I pull single-color pieces. The Gerald McCoy 4-piece single color jersey auto /30 wasn't enough to save the box for me. The Eli Manning auto jersey /5 "saved" the box, but even that was a dicey pull. I will be fortunate to break even. Such is the nature of the hobby.