January 3, 2011

Happy First Break of 2011!!! (2010-2011 Threads)

Happy New Year everyone!

I thought we would start the year off right with a hobby box break of 2010-2011 Panini Threads Basketball. In the hobby box you get 24 packs/5 cards per pack, 2 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards per box (including one autographed Threads Rookie per box).

I had opened some retail packs and a blaster of this stuff and absolutely loved it. The one plus to the Threads over the Rookies & Stars is that the Threads are all action "in the game" shots, as opposed to just the player on a set background. I like action shots much better on cards, unless they are artist drawn cards.

So let's get to it. I scanned the inserts and hits for you guys to check out and let me and Panini know what you think.

All-Time Big Men: Wayne Embry and Alonzo Mourning

Century Stars: LeBron James and Kevin Garnett

Century Legends: Sam Perkins
Triple Threat: LeBron James

Foil parallel /199

Rookie Collection Game Used Dominique Jones /399

Rookie Collection Prime Material Xavier Henry /25

Hardcourt/Wood card Paul George on card auto /399

Mini Jerseys (All Threads Home/Away) I really kind of like these for some reason. Probably because it is something new and I haven't seen it before. If I had the motivation to collection any set it would be this one right now.

Now you might be wondering where the 4th hit is hiding, and so was I when I was done opening the box. I wasn't sure if my getting a Prime Material auto /25 was the reason I only got 3 hits in the box so I sent Tracy Hackler an e-mail asking if this was just a collation error and the box was short or it was because of that card. I was told that it was just shorted a hit, and each box should contain 4 hits regardless of the serial numbering.

While this disappoints me a little bit, I've sadly grown used to it from Topps products. Thus, I will give Panini some slack on this one since every product I have opened, be it retail or hobby, has been awesome.

Overall this may be my favorite mid-range basketball product of the season because of the photography on the cards and the promise of 4 hits per box, with inserts but not a crazy amount of inserts. This is one of those sets that are big enough to have fun with as far as trading, but small enough to complete a master set if you wanted.

Anyone else open a hobby box of Threads?

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  1. Yet another disappointment. I hope they'll make it right.

  2. Very nice Henry Auto! He's been playing better lately!

  3. Despite my disdain for all things Panini right now, I don't hate those.