January 15, 2011

Finally! A bubble mailer day

As you may have noticed the eBay purchases around here have been scarce. There really hasn't been much out recently that I have had any interest in, and nothing I know I won't be able to find later or trade for.

It's sad that my collection has been at a stand still for a while, but at the same time there hasn't been anything to make me interested in looking for new cards. Anyone else feeling kind of blah about buying new baseball cards this winter?

Sometime last weekend I went on eBay, did my usual "Robinson Cano auto" search and saw a few things ending within minutes. Since I hadn't bought anything in a while I decided to pick up a new auto.

So... I bought this:

2010 Bowman Platinum Robinson Cano auto

Now here is where I need you guys to humor me. Double click the picture of the card and look at the upper right corner/right side of the game used area. Tell me you see that I am not crazy, and that the jersey SHOULD COVER THE WHOLE AREA designated for the swatch of material. Now I am not mad at the seller at all. This isn't something that you can really see on the eBay scans and a casual collector or someone who doesn't collect Cano probably wouldn't have examined the card this closely.

Maybe I am just being cranky. Either way, I still like my new card even if it's a little shoddy.


  1. you could always complain to topps and see if they'll replace it for ya

  2. I see what you're saying but I don't know if judges would classify that as a flaw.

  3. i have had the same exact problem with a few cards and it drives me crazy. it isnt a big enough issue to complain about but it totally ruins the card, it makes me not want to put it with my other cards, like it will taint them. i think i have a problem, but either way we should be able to do something about it, i just feel like if i sent it to topps i might get an even worse card back...but im glad someone else posted it..

  4. I'd say shadow from the edge of the die-cut window. A few other scans seem to have something going on there, so it's a shadow or else Topps messed up many cards by not positioning the swatch right.

    winter card blahs, not really. I was in an ebay doldrum for the last month or two until draft came out and then in the last few days I've picked up a Bregman USA 16U auto (hometown kid), the 2010 draft base and chrome 220 card sets, and a 2010 bowman platinum set including the prospects.

    I"m probably back to ebay doldrums until 2011 topps series 1 releases because draft and bregman are what I wanted most and now I have them.

  5. That happened to me with aN Upper Deck Sweet Spot GU of Cole Hamels. Except it's way more noticeable than yours.

  6. That happened to me with aN Upper Deck Sweet Spot GU of Cole Hamels. Except it's way more noticeable than yours.

  7. That has happend on a few cards I have bought or traded for. Wish I had known beforehand. The manufacture should be responsible for these mishaps.

  8. What is the status of the 2011 flagship case break? Are there any more teams left.

  9. Only 740 made, or 1480 if you count all the replacements stacked a mile high awaiting your phone call, or email.
    Wait a second don't you have a direct line to Clay? I recall a private one on one you had at the National with him, and how he reads the blog.
    Who knows maybe he will stumble across this post, and send you a replacement..