January 5, 2011

2011 Topps Gyspy Queen

Topps has come out with a new baseball set this year, Gypsy Queen. While it may be "new", it is really just a spin off from the mini cards of the Goodwin Champions set... Or... I am just overly critical. Whatever the case, I like the idea and the cards and I am interested to see how they come together.

Here is the sell sheet and info that was sent by Topps:

Topps Introduces All-New Gypsy Queen Baseball

With 4 guaranteed hits per box (2 autographs & 2 relics), a gorgeous design and Sandy Koufax on-card autographs…the all-new 2011 Gypsy Queen Baseball is sure to be a winner! The product, which hits shelves in late April, pays homage to the 1887 Original with a colorful twist and an array of autograph (image attached), insert and memorabilia cards…including a first-ever concept.

Here’s a look at the details…


· Veterans, Retired Players & Rookies (400 subjects)

· Short-Printed Variation Cards (50 subjects)


· State Stamp Parallel (450 subjects): Relic card featuring a state stamp from the city/country of where the player was born sequentially numbered to 10

· Framed Parallel (450 subjects): sequentially numbered. 1 per Hobby box

· Gypsy Queen Gold Parallel Relic (100 subjects) are coated with UV and foil stamped “Gypsy Queen”. 1 per pack

· Framed Printing Plates (450 subjects) Hobby Only


· Base Minis (400 subjects) 1 per pack

· Short-Printed (50 subjects) 1:24

· Mini Variations (100 subjects) found only in the mini box! Hobby Only

· Gypsy Queen Back (450 subjects) 1:6

· Black Bordered (450 subjects) 1:12

· Sepia Tone (450 subjects) sequentially numbered to 99.

· Leather (450 subjects) sequentially numbered to 10. Hobby Only

· Printing Plates (550 subjects) Hobby Only


· Relic Cards (30 subjects)

· Framed Mini Relic Cards (30 subjects)

· Autograph Cards (30 subjects): On-card autographs!!

· Framed Autographed Mini Relic Cards (20 subjects) sequentially numbered to 25.

· Autographed Relic Cards (20 subjects) sequentially numbered to 25.

· Dual Autographed Relic Cards (10 subjects)sequentially numbered to 15.

· Triple Autographed Relic Cards (10 subjects)sequentially numbered to 10.

· Original Art Patch Cards (50 subjects) Originla art cards featuring a piece of game-used patch numbered 1/1. Hobby Only


· The Great Ones (30 subjects) 1:4

Ø Mini version will appear 1 per mini box

· Homerun Heroes (25 subjects) 1:4

Ø Mini version will appear 1 per mini box

· Future Stars (20 subjects): Young players who are destined for greatness. 1:4

Ø Mini version will appear 1 per mini box

· Gypsy Queens (20 subjects): One per box…look for tarot card, autograph and gemstone versions!

· Insert Card Printing Plates Hobby Only

· 60th Anniversary Autographed Cards Hobby Only

MINI-BOX Boxloader

· Mini version of the master box containing:

Ø 6 mini parallels, 3 mini inserts and 1 exclusive mini variation.


So....... any interest in a case break of this product? I'm still toying with 2011 Heritage as a case break, but I need to see who is interested in which product. (Keep in mind we can always do both with enough people. If you want to do both leave a comment.)


  1. Hi, I'm just getting back into collecting, I was wondering if you had advice or maybe a post about doing this intelligently. I used to collect baseball and football cards in the mid-late 80's early 90's. Then I went on a 20yr drought. I'm thinking of collecting again and I even bought a few cards off ebay. Not sure if that was smart or not. I'm planning about blogging as well.

  2. Hey Kev- as far as collecting I would decide whether or not you wanted to be a set builder, team collector, or player collector first. This will make it slightly more affordable if you know what you are going to go after. If you only want to collect a player, buying packs and singles would be a waste (unless you are crazy like me and just like opening things- even when you know you are going to get owned).

    Feel free to e-mail us if you need help finding cards or want to get into trading.

  3. First off what is the first ever concept?? Is it the stamp cards or gemstone cards, both of which have been done before.

    Second in response to Kev2380 's post. I'm sure Marie and Sooz have some great suggestions. Here are few of my own. DO you have a favorite team, player, or sport? If your getting back in you have to make it fun but having some idea of what you want to do with your collection is always a good idea. Are you a set builder, team or player collector? Ebay is a great place to get cards you want. The selection is the best simply becuase it has such a largest audience. Another place to look for cards if you don't have a Local Card Stroe or LCS, is Checkoutmycards.com or COMC. Plus there are some great online retialers like Blowout Cards and DACARD world. Look around the card blogoshephere ckech out the blog lists or go to the sports card blogroll at http://bdj610scblogroll.blogspot.com/ here you have a collecion of 314 blogs about all sorts of sports card related topics. And there are a ton of message boards to check out. Plus lots of us in the blogoshpere trade so if you have stuff you don't want you can always try to trade up to stuff you do. Feel free to stop by my blog if you haven't www.collectorscrack.blogspot.com I'm having a Super bowl contest!!!Marie and Sooz I expect you to enter !!!!

  4. I agree with cynicalbuddha, however with COMC you need to be careful of their shipping charges. I personally do not use them for that reason, unless they changed the way the charge to ship cards.

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  8. Marie - COMC did recently change their shipping fees, but even before they did it always came out cheaper to have cards shipped from COMC than it would to have the same number of individual cards shipped from different eBay sellers. It did get pricey when you had a large number of cards hipped, but it beats $2 - $3 per card otherwise.

  9. It's still pricey at COMC when doing individual cards but if you take advantage of their bulk shipping and holiday shipping specials you can get it down to .15 per card which isn't bad but if your buying a bunch of .25 cent cards still seems kinda pricy.

  10. Getting back on topic...I would be interested in a group break, depending on price. Not really interested in Heritage.

  11. I'm intrigued with both Heritage and GQ so I'd be up for a group break for either product.

  12. Very interested in GQ. I would love to do a group break.