January 9, 2011

2010-2011 Timeless Treasures Box Break

Let it be known that I like getting tin containers filled with cards. Actually, I like any kind of container for cards that isn't cardboard because it means one thing- fancy. I like fancy cards.

One of the boxes sent for us to review was this 2010-2011 Panini Timeless Treasures. Product contains 3 autographed or memorabilia cards per tin. I do have one minor issue with these one pack products, why do they have to come in a see through wrapper? The first and last card are the "base" cards, but still, I like the element of total surprise. Small gripe, but worth mentioning.

Without any more jibber jabber, here is what was in the tin:

Anderson Varejao /399

Thaddeus Young /399

NBA Apprentice Dual GU Ekpe Udoh & Gordon Hayward /99

Rookie Recruit Quincy Pondexter auto /299 (It's on leather, but would probably look way cooler on a ball. I don't understand what this is supposed to be signed on, but it's more fun than a sticker or on the card.)

Material InkChris Mullin auto /10

The Chris Mullin card brings back memories of when I was a kid and watched a lot of basketball. It's kind of scary to pull an auto of a guy and say to myself, "Oh, I remember watching him play." I'm old.

While I didn't find the player selection I pulled exciting, other than the Mullin, it still made the box worth it. A 3 color patch serial numbered to 10 is exciting. However, that being said... if I had paid $85 for this tin, I would have probably been kind of bummed out but that's the chance you take on buying just 5 cards.

Anyone open up a tin of 2010-2011 Panini Timeless Treasures and pull a sick auto?

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  1. That is pretty freakin' sweet.

  2. What other "old timers" are in this set? I like this recent trend by Panini at including players I remember watching in my heyday. I just about flipped when I saw a new card of Kelly Tripuka in the old Charlotte Hornets teal & purple!

  3. Pretty sweet Mullin! I guess that leather is supposed to be a piece of sneaker? I might bust this, but want to see a checklist of Knicks in the set first.

  4. That Poindexter is not much of a signature, either. I would be disappointed pulling that. A big, fat, lazy "QP" is not something to hope for.

    It's not our fault his momma had to give him a super long name to try to make him memorable.

    Panini should not have accepted those things, and made him do it again to get paid. I mean, at least give us a "y", a "x", or at least a "t" and an "r".

  5. I was a bit surprised to see my box contain 7 cards (3 autos and 2 Game Jerseys), although not much of value (D.Harris auto /10, Udoh auto RC, Lawal auto RC, Garnett GJ /99, Mozgorov (sp?) GJ /99). Still worth it but again the thrill of the search makes it all worth while.