December 1, 2010

Got the winter baseball blues? Head to Target!

The baseball card world has been stale lately, even with some of the new releases.

Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects is set to be released later this month and the next MLB-licensed release isn't supposed to come out until January with 2010 Bowman Platinum, a new baseball product that gets its foundation from football.

But what's this?

Seems as though some folks over at Freedom Cardboard have found sealed blasters at local big box stores and there is even an auction on eBay with a guy ready to shop five blasters right now for a low, low price.

Here's another auction with 10 blasters that a guy is selling individually for a pretty ridiculous price. The seller is looking to cash in on the impatience of people thinking you'll spend that much money just to get a product more than a month early.

Here's a picture from the previous auction at the some of the base cards in the product.

With the set being 'leaked' early, it makes me wonder as to how and why this happened? Was there a mix up at the Topps factory where retail product of this was released a full month before the release date? How are hobby shop going to feel when they get their cases of this product and collectors don't come out because they might have had their fill from retail?

Was it released early so Topps could see sales figures and see if it needs to do another wrapper redemption program?

But, more importantly, I want to know what this set adds to the current marketplace?


  1. Target has some of the best deals on some of the most fun products.

  2. I want to know why Hell-Mart never get these fun products. I have to spend 5 to 10 in glass to go to the closest Target.

  3. Wal-Mart might have them. I don't think it was exclusive to just Target. I only used them in the headline because that's where I usually go.

  4. I'm sure others have pointed this out, but on a side note, I stopped by Target with the wife last night and saw those four-packs of Update, the ones with the guaranteed Topps Million card out front. I noted the front package was damaged, with the plastic pulled from the cardboard back. All the packs were there, along with the Topps Million card. Then I looked, with the torn backing, it made the Million code completely visible. I would venture to gather that, should someone purchase that package, they would find the code was already used...

  5. Meh... I'm not any more interested in Bowman Platinum now than I will be in January.

    Maybe I'll pick up the Mets singles on eBay, if they are different players from the ones found in the other Bowman sets (that reminds me, I haven't gotten the ones from Bowman Chrome yet...)