December 20, 2010

Blaster Break: 2010-2011 Panini Threads Basketball

The other day when I told you guys I went to Target and surveyed the new stock and prices I picked up a blaster. Most people have to rip them instantly, but me, I like to wait until I reaallllllly need to open packs. It's like a blaster for a rainy day, so to speak.

I picked up a blaster of 2010-2011 Panini Threads because I had liked what I had seen from the previews Panini posted, as well as the design of the cards. I am going to try and work on trading away the teams I don't want for some other cards if anyone is interested. I will also give away any of the base cards from the Rookies & Stars hobby box break if you e-mail with team preference and just pay the S&H.

I scanned some of the highlights and lowlights (Celtics) for everyone to check out. Honestly, it was well worth the $20 for the blaster.
Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher

Gotta love LeBronand his talents to pose for the camera like a tool.

The Shaqcard is the corniest pose ever, not to mention that uniform just doesn't suit him well.

The Gerald Henderson is an insert card /199

The only NY Knick I don't hate, Danilo Gallinari.

Willie Warren auto /399 which is on actual wood. No sticker, no "looks like wood" like the Topps Ginter "wood" cards, an autograph on the card that is wood. The card is awesome despite me not caring at all about the player. An autograph from a blaster is a win.

What do you guys think of the auto card design?


  1. I REALLY like the design of that wood card and the auto looks great. I guess my only concern would be the ink fading quicker than something on a card, but overall, it looks great!

  2. Shaq may not look good in the jersey but the ring he gets for wearing it at the end of the year will look good on his hand....

  3. I was never a Shaq fan until this year. I wasn't a fan of the signing, but he looks like he's having more fun this year than he has his entire career to this point. He's playing on a team consisting of four Hall of Famers and a potential fifth if Rondo has a long, healthy career. He's actually hitting free throws and plays less than half a game while making a huge impact. I'm now a fan.

    Topps even cheaped out on their HARDCOURT set and printed those parallel cards on wood printed cardboard. That might have actually made that set desirable if those cards were printed on wood. I love the cards that Upper Deck has done on a plexiglass/backboard type material. Parquet basketball cards would be amazing.

    I'll gladly send plenty of any other basketball team out for any lowlights you need to get rid of, especially Paul Pierces.

  4. I have been drawn to the Threads blasters too lately but the card collation has been a bit wacky. I don't mind getting doubles but seeing triples in a blaster box is very disappointing.

  5. What's up with the Portland jersey card? I don't think anyone on the team actually wears that number, at least not since Raef LaFrentz.