December 14, 2010

Birthday Loot from Sooz!

Phew. Finals and the semester are over and now I can relax for a little while. First, thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday both here and on Twitter it was a fun day filled with food, and presents. Oh yeah, and Sooz came alllllllll the way here to hang out because she's the bestest. We got all dressed like grown ups and went out to dinner with my family. I have a nice picture, I like it... Sooz hates it... so therefore you all lose.

Speaking of Sooz being the best... She bought me some pretty awesome stuff for my birthday. One of which I should be embarrassed to admit and I may very well not even say what it was, and the other is a thing of beauty. It has all the elements- it's dirty and it feels sooo good. Hey now! Get your mind out of the gutter people.

2010 Topps Sterling Robinson Cano /25 5x GU with DIRT!

The picture of these glove cards really do them no justice until you have it in your hand. They feel like leather, which makes the card even more unique and desirable. Now that I have one, I would buy one of each version if I were rich. They are that nice, not to mention the fabric is dirty. There is nothing I like more than a game used card with dirt on it. Not only does it look cooler but it makes you feel like it was an actual game used card.

Leave it to Sooz to find another card to add to my top Cano cards. I LOVE this card. She is spot on with the kinds of cards I would like in my collection. My first dirty Robbie card, I like him dirty. =)

P.S. Now that finals are over, you are all going to be hearing from me more. Especially since I went to Target a few times....


  1. That is a nice looking card.

  2. Cool Card - Happy Birthday - nice to have friends that share your hobby!

    Enjoy your break and I am Looking fwd to the Target Posts.

  3. Damn fine card you got there!

  4. Nice card for a Yankee!

    What's thing two? Lol jk.