November 2, 2010

You want to buy....

me this Cano card for my birthday next month, right? I absolutely love this card. While it's not the "Don't Ya Know" Triple Threads card, it is sick.

On another note.... How does breaking the case tomorrow (Weds) night sound? I am going to call the shop after class and make sure that it is coming in the afternoon so I can pick it up. I will UStream the break, and all are welcome to come and chat even if you are not in the break. It will be fun (I hope).

I really love that card. Sigh, I better win the Mega Millions Friday. Mega Millions win = loads of cards for me and Sooz. Cards as far as the eye can see....


  1. But... it's a sticker auto. Eww. But I guess we don't really have a choice anymore. *shaking my fist at topps*

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  3. Hey love the site! Been reading it for awhile now and wanted to post a kudo! Oh yeah and that was me that had the above deleted post. Didn't know I had set up a profile on google a long time ago from a warcraft account. hehe

  4. Ryan, thanks so much.

    You'd make the perfect candidate to buy Marie that card. That way you could REALLY show your appreciation.


  5. very funny, I'll send over lot of luck!!

  6. Nah, Mega Millions was won last week so the jackpot is low. You've got to go Powerball this week instead.*

    *this advice, if taken, hereby entitles me to 1% of your overall powerball winnings.