November 7, 2010

Sunday Question

This week on Twitter Topps announced that there would be a wrapper redemption program for the 2010 Bowman Chrome hobby wrappers. While I know that this announcement came a little while after the release and some people had thrown out their wrappers, there are still plenty of people who can take advantage of the offer.

I like speculating on things, so I am curious what you guys think the wrappers will be redeemed for this time?

Personally, I hope it is per box of hobby wrappers or less than a box for each redemption this way more people from our group break can get something out of it. Obviously we will be sharing the redemption's with everyone involved. Once they release the program information we can come up with a plan on distributing the cards.

Wouldn't it be sweet if it was for an autograph?! (Wishful thinking, I know.)

1 comment:

  1. I think the redemption is a way to help public relations after the poor quality of the cards this year. I like the idea of a redemption for wrappers, but it could be handled better that than what it has been. I also think they should do a redemption for retail wrappers at some point. I part of a case break last week on Ustream. I thought to myself, I wonder if they are going to do a wrapper redemption with this product. I should have thought out loud.