November 9, 2010

Rip and recycle: making money from your Topps wrappers

Topps announced the specifics of the 2010 Bowman Chrome wrapper redemption program yesterday.

It reeks of an obvious way to save their product. The prices on these boxes had been tanking. Some cases fell to under $500. Many didn't want to buy this product and others even backed out of orders.

Can you blame people for getting mad? All the hype surrounding every product after 2010 Bowman revolved around Stephen Strasburg. He was supposed to be included in the remaining product. Of course, his cards are there, but they seem to be a much harder pull.

So, Topps announced a program where you can get some really great cards: Buster Posey or Mike Moustaskas autographs will be included in a five-card pack of black-bordered parallels.

The USA buyback promo is now part of the redemption as well, which was an obvious – maybe, intentional – production error. Those cards that include some highly sought after plays include Bryce Harper, James Taillon and Manny Machado.

NOW … sellers are getting worth out of their cases. They are not just selling the autos and refractors anymore, they get to sell the actual wrappers.

Several auctions have popped up on eBay selling lots of wrappers (auction links).

This is an auction for 1,500 wrappers. That’ll get you 83 packs of cards from Topps.

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