November 29, 2010

Panini should give thanks for John Wall

There are two NBA rookies driving the market right now: Blake Griffin and John Wall.

Panini must be loving John Wall right now though. With their exclusive in the NBA market, they needed something to drive collectors to their cards. Other than Wall and Griffin, the rookie class is fairly light this year. But Griffin's rookie cards are not from this year's sets. They are from 2009-2010

That leaves just one guy - the Washington Wizards first overall draft pick.

Wall has had some outstanding games for the Wizards this season and has scored in double digits in every game so far. In 10 games, he’s averaging 18.0 points and 9.1 assists per game.

Wall has had problems with his health this year. He has missed five games this year and recently missed a game with a bruised right knee.

Even so, Wall is selling well and is the driving force behind this year’s Panini products. If it wasn't for Wall, the secondary market for cards this year may have been a bit watered down. There are those who still have high hopes on players such as DeMarcus Cousins and Evan Turner, but their cards aren't going to for as much as Wall's.

Wall’s 2010-11 Limited Gold Spotlight patch/autograph /10 sold for 1,200 on eBay recently.

His 2010-11 Rookie and Stars patch/autos sell for above $500.

We all love a hot rookie who lives to hype.

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  1. I'll give thanks when Panini hires new art directors. Every product line looks too much like its peers. It doesn't even matter which one you buy. Can Panini tell us which product is considered their flagship, or the real spotlight of their brand?

    Which one gets the most effort and concentration? We can't tell.