November 10, 2010

Opening my world to hockey cards

I'm trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to card collecting. For last 15 or so years, once baseball season was over, I usually just stared out the window waiting for the spring. I really just wanted baseball to come back and my interest in baseball cards would be renewed.

But there are other sports out there. One thing I learned from NFL trading cards this season already is that they are so much better than baseball cards are right now.

So, I am looking at everything coming out. Not just baseball.

Most recently, 2010-11 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1.

As I scanned listings of the cards, this one popped right out at me.

Taylor Hall

The action photo is great on this card. It's up close, right in your face. I love the look of concentration on his face. So, it got me to check out more cards. 

Typical type of inserts, but still great photography.

Here's one of the base cards, which is also typical Upper Deck. They used this design with baseball. It's crisp and clean, but I think there were problems viewing the silver lettering - if I remember correctly.

Here are the jersey cards, which to me has always been a bit lacking. What more can you do with jersey cards? I don't know. But plain colored jerseys, no matter what color, or always a little on the boring side to me.

I can't really tell the size of the jersey based on the picture, but I would be surprised if it was bigger than a quarter.

 Another Upper Deck exclusive card

Overall, I like the product. I think hockey fans should be happy with a set like this. I know hockey fans are some of the most passionate out there and I think this should appeal to them.

However, I would like to hear from the hockey fans. What do you guys think?


  1. a little back history for those not into Hockey Cards.....In an era where "rookie cards" have to have one or more of the following features:

    Game Used Patch and/or Jersey
    individually machine numbered

    Heres the kicker.....Upper Deck's Young Guns do not have ANY of the features listed above, none, zero ziltch.

    Young Guns have held their own over the last decade in the ever changing market that almost DEMANDS the above traits for "rookie cards"

    Pretty cool, eh? i think so too, and im a huge Young Guns supporter.

  2. I used to be very into hockey cards, back in the early '90s. The best thing about hockey cards is that if they're action-oriented (and what cards aren't today?), they look fantastic -- probably the best of any sport.

    But I collect only one sport now. I just don't have the time or money.

  3. I have yet to purchase any packs, but have been living vicariously through Capt'n Canuck's review (

    I agree with him (and you) that the foil is a bit much, but overall, the design is solid and clean. UD's hockey photography has always been generally good and this looks like no exception.

    There is a retro parallel set that I am not thrilled about (enough junk wax-era designs UD and Panini), but whatever. The Young Guns are always in demand and hold value; I just wish Seguin was in series 1.

  4. The NHL has an added dynamic over MLB in that players can't appear on a league-approved card until they actually play. Take bowman out of the MLB equation and other sets would be more exciting with real rookie cards. That's a big part of hockey's success.

  5. I collect hockey cards and yeah that image of the new young guns is pretty sweet.

    However, if you're looking to invest, it's a pretty low demand market. Got to be very careful - as if you already didn't need to be careful about baseball cards!

    But anyway as a fan, I really like hockey cards and on the plus side, they're cheap cheap cheap compared to baseball cards (I mean by ebay standards not pack ripping). And Upper Deck does a great job with them imo.

    I'll be putting together the 10-11 UD set, so if anyone needs cards, let me know.

  6. This year's cards look nice but the 2008-9 set is still my favorite,

  7. I collected hockey from 1990-1994 and stopped. Then in 1997 I jumped back in by spending a week's worth of lunch money ($20) on pinnacle packs. Horrible decision. I just can;t get into it.

  8. I just started into hockey a couple years ago. Like RyanH said, they're cheaper than bb or fb, especially the autographs. I've purchased several star goalie autos for less than five bucks. And the GU swatches can be so much more colorful, since a lot of the teams have many more colors on their unis than just grey or white.