November 3, 2010

ITG Hockey so pretty ... yet so far away

In the Game released its 10th anniversary set of Ultimate Memorabilia hockey. When the preliminary pictures came out of the set, many collectors became interested – though you could understand how $600-plus price tag would scare many people off.

However, through the power of eBay and other people’s spending habits, we’re able to check out of some of the cards that have been hit.

There is no way around it. This is a pretty set.

I did a piece for Beckett a while back where I did a Q&A with ITG president Dr. Brian Price. He gave some great answers about the set and why it’s so appealing. Essentially, it comes down to the fact that it’s made by collectors for (rich) collectors.

Here are a few of the highlights on eBay.

Marty Turco 1/1

Bobby Orr stick

Martin Brodeur jersey/auto /10

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  1. 'Ultimate Memorabilia' is one of the reasons I look forward to the Fall Expo. I usually park myself at the ITG booth and watch people rip. Someday I will be able to afford a box or two.

  2. I would probably do the same thing, really. I would love to watch some people open this.

  3. The best card idea ITG ever produced in 'Ultimate Memorabilia' is the 'Made To Order' Triple memorabilia card. You get to decide who goes on your card.

    Here's a link to an auction for one.

    ITG Made To Order