November 8, 2010

Have they heard our wishes?

So, it's being reported today that Joe Morgan and Jon Miller are out as the Sunday broadcast team for the ESPN game of the week.

Morgan rubbed too many people the wrong way over the years with his know-it-all attitude. He is obviously very knowledgeable about the game. That wasn't the gripe, but too often during his color commentaries, Morgan would state obvious points or otherwise get things insanely wrong. Morgan was so bad at this job there was a website dedicated to getting rid of the guy.

I actually really liked Jon Miller. I thought he had a cool and crisp voice.

So who do you want to see come in and replace the chuckleheads?

Perhaps with a certain LA voice guy retiring soon, maybe he will take over and just work once a week.

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  1. I too never cared too much for Gibson, but Miller I liked. He'll be missed. As for replacements - I haven't a clue. Perhaps the play by play guys from the show Wipe Out?

  2. In all reality, was merely a site dedicated to bad sports journalism, of which Morgan is infamous for. It still remains the best sports writing I have ever read and I encourage everyone to check it out as soon as possible.

  3. Two words: Vin Scully. Why Vin Scully has not announced every All-Star game and World Series, I will never understand. Guys like Miller, Morgan, and Buck add nothing to the game other than telling you who is up, how many outs there are, and other information you can see with your own eyes. Vin actually tells you about the player, the player's background, past experiences, stories behind the game, etc. You actually learn stuff from watching games he calls. No cheesy gimmicks, rants, or arrogance, just excellent, informative baseball announcing. It is an absolute shame that other announcers don't model themselves after Vin (cough cough...the backup Dodgers announcers...cough cough).

  4. Bob Uecker, Jose Canseco, and the homeless guy on the corner. That should round out the banter quite nicely.