November 4, 2010

2010 Bowman case break results

I know many of you are anxious to see your cards in person, so I did the next best thing- I scanned all the hits so that you can check out the centering and stuff before they get there.

There are roughly 50 Team USA cards, and one refractor. Each team that did not get a hit is guaranteed to get one, maybe two. I can do a drawing one of two ways for the USA auto refractors, either on UStream live with a hat and everyones team name in there and draw one, or by live. I don't think it matters either way. The drawing for those cards will also be amongst the teams with no hits. I can do the drawing tomorrow at some point and the video can be linked on here.

Here are the hits:

Topps 100 /999

Topps 100 /499

Blue refractors

Gold refractor /50

Orange refractor /25

Team USA auto refractors /199

Refractor Auto's

Regular auto's

Aroldis Chapman auto
Miguel Sano auto

Jason Kipnis redemption auto

That pretty much sums up the break, overall I think people will be pleased because each team seemed to have picked up a nice pile of cards (Ironically, the Cardinals amounted to about 10... so I got owned, lol).

I am working on sorting them out and this way I can see where the USA cards are going and then we can do the Auto raffle. If you guys want to do it tonight late, maybe around 11pm or 12am I can probably do that, or we can do it tomorrow.

Please see the post about the 2011 Topps Jumbo case which I am currently trying to fill. Some teams were already claimed and paid for, so jump in quick..


  1. Rangers were sparse, but it was fun watching the video today. Thanks for saving the video.

  2. Yes I enjoyed what I watched. I think it's great for the community. I know I will be picking some retail up when my local Wally-world get what they get.