November 13, 2010

'10-'11 Panini Limited Basketball box break

I have had the itch recently to give basketball cards a whirl, so I contacted a friend over at Panini to see if he had anything fun to review on the blog. He sent over a sweet product, '10-'11 Panini Limited. I know you are all gasping that I caved and tried a new sport, but I used to collect basketball cards as a kid so I feel like it's kind of okay... I did not expect a high end type of product to end up in my mailbox and considering I can never buy stuff like this, I practically danced when I saw what it was.

I opened it quietly like a little church mouse, and saw that the pack is indeed clear when you open up the box, so I saw who the top and bottom cards were instantly. However, I did notice that there was only one thicker card, which could have meant 2 auto's in the pack.

Here is the loot:

Carl Landry /199
I scanned the back of this card just to give everyone an idea of how eye catching the back of the cards actually are. I rather like them.

Marcus Camby /49

Jerry West /149

Calvin Murphy /49

Willie Warren RC auto /99
This card reminds me of the old school Dream Team cards from the mid 90's.

Derrick Rose GU /49
Reason to love this GU card: The red swatch is from the logo area of the shorts, not just some white jersey. Love.

Glass Cleaners Signatures #6
You'll have to click to see who it is. This is by far my favorite card in the pack, and one that I was debating trying to buy on eBay as well. I honestly can not wait to get this card in the mail.

I had never seen a price on these boxes before, and I just looked them up for this post. The box seems to go for somewhere around $85 +/- a few bucks. I guess depending on what is inside will determine if it's worth that price, just like anything else. Honestly though, I really feel like this product is worth the gamble if you like basketball cards and can spare the cash.

The design of the cards is great, but my basis for comparison is rather limited since I collect baseball cards. I always liked Leaf/Donruss products so it's only fitting for me to fall in love with some other sort of cardboard. I wish Topps would take notice of some other product designs, especially when it comes to game used (like actually used, not manufactured) and getting stuff signed by the players on card. People are going to bitch and moan no matter what companies do, but I would rather bitch about waiting for an ON CARD auto redemption than have a crooked silver sticker staring me in the face.

Two thumbs up, Panini. I will be back for more. (Sigh.)


  1. I clicked and I still don't know who the signature is! Who is it???

  2. Dang you pulled a Kobe redemption? nice