October 12, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Football

While in Target today I noticed an open shipment box that was waiting to be put on the shelves so I rummaged through it. I saw gravity boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome Football, as well as rack packs, and blasters. I debated dabbling with a blaster but then remembered I really don't care about football cards, and other than Tim Tebow I wasn't sure what I could flip out of the set.

It didn't dawn on me until just now to think to have checked the blaster prices on those to see if they would ring up $17.99 like the 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball blasters have been.

I just looked up a couple of the Tim Tebow cards in the set and figured that if you are looking for them, you would now have a quick link guide here:

2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow autograph
2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow autograph
2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow Red Refractor /25
2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow Blue refractor /199
2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow xfractor
2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow variation

For the record, I really like the action shot Topps chose to use on this card.

Oh, and if you want to try your luck buying a pack that is guaranteed to be "hot".... this seller has xray vision.

2010 Topps Chrome Football hot pack

Go Giants.


  1. They will probably ring up cheaper. I ran into the guy who stocks the Target stuff and he said that the Chrome will ring up at $17.99 until "Target catches it and fixes it".

  2. I pulled a Tim Tebow C100 Red Refractor from a value pack. I haven't seen the refractors from the value packs on eBay as of yet. Have I miss them on eBay or are they not one yet? You can see a scan of the card and other pulla I had tonight (including a mini hit; 2010 Topps Platiutum CJ Spiller Refractor #'d 948/999) after my stop at Wal-Mart. on my blog at: