October 5, 2010

Want 2010 Topps Chrome - hit up your retail merchants

We all know we see cards on eBay before the official release date. 2010 Topps Chrome has come out even earlier than usual because it is one of those sets that hit retail before hobby.

The hobby version releases tomorrow.

Let’s see what we can expect to find.

- Jason Heyward auto
- Stephen Strasburg xfractor
- Stephen Strasburg T206 Topps Chrome
- Starlin Castro auto
- Austin Jackson blue refractor auto


  1. I grabbed a pack tonight. I always have instant buyer's remorse. The cards always curl up and bend, I get a bunch of players I've never heard of (and by bunch I mean 4) and the likelihood of hitting a player on one of my favorite teams is oh so slim.

    If anyone wants a Daniel Murphy refractor, you know where to find me . . .

  2. This comment made me laugh because I do the same thing all the time.

  3. I found a Walmart by my house with rack packs. $8.98 each, 3 packs and 3 Walmart exclusive orange-red refractors. Hit a Mantle X-fractor out of the packs and a Mantle orange-red as well.

    Not bad pulls I suppose, and that'll probably be all the chrome baseball I buy because chrome football is coming out soon.

  4. I posted one of my Wal-mart packs earlier today.

  5. I'll head over and see what you got at PATP.

    The guy who was stocking Chrome while I was there was actually a super nice guy. He even let me know that he had the blasters priced at $17.99 and said "until Target catches it and changes them to $19.99 you can get a couple bucks off".

    He almost got me with that too! I applaud him.