October 24, 2010

Sunday Question

Hey guys, we are back (sort of), though we never really left. We had a fun time at the games despite the fact that the Yankees played like garbage. The Rangers played much better than the Yankees on pretty much every possible level, and they really deserved to win. Am I upset that they lost? No, because I really didn't see how they could win with the way they were playing. Plus we get a refund for the World Series tickets, so that's cool with me.

As far as the Giants and Phillies go, I couldn't be happier the Giants won for a few reasons. A couple of friends I have made through Freedom Cardboard/Twitter are Giants fans that live in that area so I'm glad they are able to enjoy going to the games, and this makes Suzy's life a little easier with no Phillies to run her life for 2 weeks.

I will be watching the World Series and rooting for the Giants, though I honestly don't care who wins in the end. I do think it will go 6 or 7 games and be a great World Series. I hope that the people of California find an appreciation for the World Series being there because I really got the impression in my trips to the West Coast that baseball was just not that popular or important.

What do you guys think? How many games/who is going to win? Will you be watching?

P.S. How about Cody Ross?!! He was a monster in the NLCS, and I hope he can keep it up the rest of the way.

His interview was great at the end, he seems like a really humble guy who loves to smile. In fact, he did say that his nickname is "smiles".


  1. I think that Texas will probably win, but I don't really have a preference.

    I was planning to watch Cliff Lee & Tim Lincecum, but I'm not sure how many of the other games I'll bother with.

  2. I like Lincecum and Fontenot but I'll be rooting for the Nolan Ryan's Rangers. Never can tell how many games.

  3. As a Yankees fan, you should be rooting for SF

  4. I think that Texas will win & I think that's who I'm cheering for. Generally I tend to like the Giants franchise a fair bit better than Rangers...and Lincecum & Posey are fun players but I have a hard time getting behind the likes of Burrell, Huff, Wilson (ugh!) or Ross (as great as his post game interview was). I like Vlad, Hamilton, Young, Kinsler, Feliz etc...so yeah. Go Rangers!

  5. Wilson should really be prohibited from speaking in public.

  6. The Giants make me ill on many levels. It doesn't help that you never can find Giants card collectors either. I've got piles of that stinking team using up space.


  7. Go Giants!

    If the Rangers win it won't be too bad since they haven't won one before. But it's time for the Giants to get a championship. :)

  8. I'm thinking the Rangers will win in 6. The Giants don't score many runs and are known for shoddy fielding at times, so that could cost them in the WS.

  9. I collect Giants.

    I hope the Giants win, mostly so Willie Mays can see a Giants championship before he dies. Same for Marichal. And Cepeda. And Johnnie LeMaster.

    Barry Bonds I'm not sure I could care less about.

    This is really an alignment of planets World Series. Two teams from the west divisions? Insanity.