October 17, 2010

Sunday Question

Now that the LCS series are both underway, we have seen a bit of what is to come from both teams. There has been some talk on Twitter about the ratings game and what could happen if the World Series ends up Rangers and Giants that no one would watch. Some people even went so far as to say Selig and Fox are cheering for the opposite outcome.

So, the question is.... How do you see the each series ending?

I would like to see the Yankees win it in 5 so I can see it in person, but I really think this series will end in 6 games with the Yankees victorious. As for the NLCS, I'm taking the Giants in 5. Bold prediction for the NLCS, but I just don't know if I see that going for a long series. ALCS has a better chance of going 7 than the NLCS though.


  1. Every year the conversation is the same. "FOX and MLB want major market teams."

    In the end, the bottom line is that whoever plays in World Series doesn't matter a whole lot. As long as the games are exciting fans will watch.

    I would prefer to see a team challenge for their first WS title than the "same old, same old". I also enjoy watching the FOX announcers try to pretend they care about any other team than the Yankees, its quite humourous.

  2. If I were a member of the baseball gods: Rangers in 5, Giants in 4

    Since I'm not a member of the baseball gods: Yankees in 6, Phillies in 7

    At this point since the A's and Padres both didn't make the postseason... I'm pulling for any team to beat the Yankees... but I don't see this happening.

  3. Yanks in 5 is too generous. They would be down 2-0 in the series if it weren't for that lone inning in game 1. I could easily see the ALCS going 7 games.

    I wouldn't mind a Giants-Yankees World Series either. Back to the old days...

  4. I am not giving Yankees a spot in the World Series just yet. They scare me this year and in not in a good way.

    They've had fits with Texas and were swept by the team the last month of the season. Granted all close games, but the Rangers are a very good hitting team and now the Yankees have to face Cliff Lee next.

    As far as the Phillies/Giants series, strangely I think this Game 1 was more pivotal than most people realize. I could Giants winning this out before the series would have to shift back to Philadelphia. Sanchez matches up extremely well against a Philadelphia team that isn't really hitting the ball well right now. Hamels does not pitch well against the Giants, especially in San Fran, and then they got Joe Blanton on the mound. So, yeah, it's gonna be a tough one for the Phillies.

    I'm not one who pushes the panic button too soon because as a Yankee fan I've so many comebacks in games and series (and not always on the winning side) I know anything could happen. BUT, if I were a Phillies fan, my finger would be awfully close to pushing it.

  5. I have a few reasons behind my thinking. I would want to see Giants-Rangers. First, I want to see MLB and FOX cringe not having big name teams.
    Second, as a bitter Mariners fan it pains me to see the Yankees year after year.

    Third, I feel like the Phillies are becoming the Yankees of the NL minus a little payroll. I would like to have the Giants just to have an actual West Coast team for a change.

    I know the choices are selfish, but I'm tired of the same teams all the time.

  6. I know one thing... if it's the Phillies/Yankees, no one I know will watch.

    However, if the Rangers make it, quite a few people will be interested as it's their first time.

    That always attracts fans. There are always people who cheer for the new guy.

  7. I am always for anything that sticks a pineapple into Bud Selig's hindquarters, so Giants - Rangers are my vote.

    As if two teams from the country's two most populous states are somehow an undesirable matchup, and certainly can't be any worse than Phillies - Rays two years ago.

    I'd also be happy with a Giants - Yankees rematch from 1962. The Yankees clearly are good, but their pitching is vulnerable.

    Of course, as long as the Giants come out on top. My wife doesn't like the Phillies, mostly because she thinks the script looks like loopy third grader with stars over the "i".

  8. Maybe its just me ... but even after a recession I still don't have much sympathy for multi-billion dollar companies like FOX and the MLB. That being said the Giants have many west coast fans - far more than people that don't live out here realize.

    I want Yankees and the Giants mainly because I'd like to see the Giants try and beat the best. Plus the Yankees have interesting players to watch and I think it'd be a good matchup.

  9. Would like to see: Giants/Rangers just for a chance of pace

    Most likely: Phils/Yankees with Phillies winning

    MLB doesn't care about ratings - the money is in the bank and in 2013, if FOX or other competitors for the rights don't give MLB what they want, you know the World Series is going to move to MLB Network. If the WS moves to MLB Network, we fans should act like it's 1994 and boycott MLB because MLB Network carriage isn't that great.

  10. As far as no one watching the World Series if it's the same teams again, I don't think that is true at all. It is just as likely that half the West Coast couldn't care less about baseball. I was out in California a couple of times and in the malls and local shops if I saw anything sports related it was either college logo stuff, or the Lakers. I think fans of baseball will probably watch regardless.

    As far as the Yankees winning in 5, I know that is highly unlikely, but as a fan I would like to be there. With AJ going in game 4, I pray for rain and lots of it.