October 10, 2010

Sunday Question

Baseball playoffs always remind how we're getting closer to the end of the year.

Also, as I sit here in the glow of the Yankees moving on to the next round, I have nothing to do but think.

That being said, what set do you think is the front runner of Set of the Year? It could be from any sport, but I know there are a lot of baseball collectors out there.

I think in baseball, Bowman is currently in the lead. Raise your hand if you didn't go out and buy a box or, even, just one pack of that this year.

- On another note, I wrote an article the other day that I am really proud of and would like you guys to read it.


  1. *raises hand* I hardly buy packs anyway though, so I definitely don't count.

    Very cool article though - one lucky dude, that's for sure.

  2. That's a tough one. I guess Bowman by default. (I haven't seen it at all since June).

    National Chicle at least was different.

    Good story.

  3. I can honestly say that I didn't buy any Bowman this year. For me, the winner is Allen & Ginter - while it is beginning to get a bit stale for some people, I still love it more than anything else out there. Heritage was one of the worst, and the base Topps set started off strong but has quickly soured to me.

  4. Chicle was new and interesting. The base set was nice too with the redemption program.

    Excellent story. Has the original owner of the tickets come forward and offered to get him the real stub?

  5. I only bought one pack of Bowman this year. I love Bowman but unfortunately this year the prices were to crazy for me to buy any more than 1 pack. I bought the pack at the All Star Game Fanfest which I was lucky enough to attend. I also went to my first all star game but that is a whole different story.

  6. Didn't touch Bowman. I'm still a fan of Topps base. The design keeps growing on me. What I didn't like about it was the hidden chase cards but I can get over that

  7. I don't have a problem with 2010 Bowman (got my hand-collated bsae, prospect and prospect chrome sets locked in not long after release), but I would have to go with base topps. The design wasn't bad but I fell in love and collected the Tales of the Game and History of the Game inserts. For someone that isn't an insert guy and thinks inserts are a waste of not getting base cards to build a set, that says volumes about how much I actually like those inserts to actually collect them.

  8. Take out the Strasburg hype from Bowman and what's left? I don't buy Bowman because I'm not into prospecting and the subsets confuse me. My vote is base Topps. Great design and they finally changed up the inserts from the same old thing every year. Now if they would do that for Heritage...

  9. Hey suz,

    I'd vote for Topps Base too. Although Bowman is definitely the best "flip" out this year, I just really dug the design, and I thought the inserts worked alot better.

    Cool articlet too! One of the FCB guys and his Dad were each at one of them, both being at both is very impressive.