October 16, 2010

Rack packs, orange refractors and a scrub rookie.

Yesterday at Target I was in the baseball card aisle and as I was walking away 2 2010 Topps Chrome baseball rack packs fell into my wagon. I felt compelled to try my luck and see what orange refractors I could get.

Here are the highlights (note one pack had an extra card):

Cliff Lee

Roy Halladay

Tommy Hanson

Yunel Escobar

Mark Buehrle

Adam Wainwright

Johan Santana Chicle refractor /499

Stephen Strasburg
Go figure, when I finally couldn't care any less about pulling a Strasburg RC he pops up unexpectedly. I'm over the moon. Really.

If the rack packs were priced at an actual bargain it would be more fun to buy them. For $8.99 you get 3 packs ($2.99 each normally) and 3 orange refractors in a pack. I get that the bargain is supposed to be the additional refractors, but making them like a dollar less would be more fun.

I like this years chrome set because there are so many different insert cards and not just a boring base set. I bought one card from this set on eBay which I will show off later. The addition of the Chicle refractors, purple and orange refractors, and the rest make this a fun set to track down if you are a player collector. Well fun and frustrating, but I need something to do besides science so this is a good distraction.

These are all for trade except the Halladay which is going to Stale Gum. I need the Cano and Pujols orange cards. Actually as far as Cano goes, I am looking for purple, orange, red, and xfractor.

Anyone pull anything super sweet from the Chrome yet? Any trade bait to dangle in front of me?!!


  1. I got a value pack today that had THREE Gavin Floyds (Ugh).

    I have an xfractor A-Rod and an orange refractor Posada. Nothing great. But if you want 'em you got 'em.

  2. I'll take them off your hands. Do you need any Dodgers from this set? I know for sure I have an Ethier and I have to flip through the pile I have amassed here.

  3. Dibs on the Buehrle and any other White Sox you don't want. :-) I bought one of those three pack racks and struck out.

  4. OK, they're yours. I do need Ethier. Only Dodgers I don't need are Manny and Russell Martin.

  5. Well if nothing else that is a helluva a pitching staff you drew out of those 3 packs.

  6. I actually got three value packs and a few blaster boxes.In one of the value packs, I got 4 of the red refractors instead of 3. WOW! I didn't really pull anything mind blowing. I started a spread sheet to keep track of what I am pulling and in case someone is looking to build a set. Here are some highlights of what I pulled:
    Derek Jeter (base)
    Albert Puljlos (base)
    Alex Rodriguez (base)
    Starlin Castro RC (base)
    Brennan Boesch RC (base)
    Ike Davis RC (base)
    Mike Stanton RC (base)
    Sergio Santos RC (base x2)
    Jake Arrieta RC (base)
    Ivan Nova RC (base)
    Wade Davis RC (base)
    Drew Storen RC (base and refractor)
    Tim Lincecum (refractor)
    Ichiro Suzuki (X-fractor)
    David Price (X-fractor)
    Brad Hawpe(purple 527/999)
    Brennan Boesch RC (purple 169/999)
    Ruben Tejada RC (purple 542/999)
    Tyson Ross RC (purple 098/999)
    Zack Greinke (retail red)
    Jake Arrieta RC (retail red)
    Mike Leake RC (retail red)
    Brian Roberts (Heritage 1604/1961)
    Yovani Gallardo (Heritage 268/1961)
    BJ Upton (T-206 Blue 173/199)

    I guess the best "hit" I pulled was the BJ Upton. It took to the "Chrome Curl" as soon as I pulled it from the pack. I got it in a sleeve and top load ASAP. It even started curving the top load. I found the biggest book I own and put it under it. It is more or less flat now. The "Chrome Curl" is a real down side to what could be a very interesting series. I really like the the T-206 and Heritage inserts as well. I purchased Chrome football as well and the "curl" is no where as bad with the football as with the baseball. Football proved have better pulls for me at least this time. I pulled a rookie auto(Jacoby Ford), Bowman Chrome(Golden Tate), Retail Red Refractor (Tim Tebow, Aaron Hernandez, Javier Arenas), Topps Rookie Reprint (Joe Montana and Mark Sanchez), three purple refractors, and plenty of rookie cards.

    Be sure to check my blog later today. I am going to write a blog on the use of the word "hit" in the hobby. I intend to describe the different levels of "hits". In my head, I have a great blog planned. Hopefully, my thoughts will be a good read. The link to my blog will be at the bottom of this post.

    Phillip aka paw75

    Here is a link to the Google Spreadsheet to the Chrome baseball and football I pulled. Contact me if you see anything you might need.


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  8. "Dibs on the Buehrle and any other Sox..."

    Um, if I actually have something good to trade now, can I have a crack at that Buehrle too?

    I notice the Soxblog guy constantly talks about getting packages in the mail but never talks about buying new cards. Seems a bit one-sided.

    Let me know. Perhaps I can email you.

  9. well at walmart i have bought at least 4 rack packs and pulled a Strasburg X-Fractor and 2 days later a Strasburg purple refractor to /599.

    I have X-fractors of:
    Geovany Soto Roy Oswalt Scott Sizemore Brennan Boesch MAtt Garza Carlos Pena Robinson cano Cliff Lee Aaron Hill mark Buehrle Magglio Ordonez Johnan Santana Daniel Murhpy Brian Roberts.
    Orange Refractors:
    Brian Matusz, Carl Crawford, Howie Kendrick, Cliff Lee, Shane Victorino, Manny Ramirez, Kankoa Texeria, Pablo Sandoval, Justin Upton.
    anyone interested in any?
    blade34@yahoo.com is my email.