October 18, 2010

Gone Fishin'

This week the Yankees are home for 3 games and both Sooz and myself will be attending the games. This means we may be M.I.A. for a few days... I have midterms next week and Sooz is super busy this time of year.

I always wanted to hang a sign like that somewhere, don't ask me why.

I got a sweet bunch of cards in the mail the last few days that I picked up on eBay so hopefully I get a chance to show some of those off at some point.

We will try to tweet from the games and post a pic or two to entertain everyone because we know how much you all LOVE the Yankees.

Let's go Andy!


  1. I second that about Pettitte! Have fun, and LETS GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Catch anything?

    Its all good you guys still got those Chulupa commercials to hold you over till next season..

  3. Looks like the Yankees will be fishing for the next several months...

  4. Sometimes you don't catch anything, and sometimes you catch a bass the size of TEXAS!!!

  5. Don't eat the ones with three eyes from the east river.....