October 2, 2010

Game Used... Underwear?

I know there have been jokes about what part of the pants they choose to cut and put into game used pants cards, but this is a little goofy.

It seems as though someone took the time to custom make a custom card of Jay Bruce using his underwear... at least I am assume they are his underwear. Or he could be cutting up Hanes tighty whiteys and gluing them onto cards.

Maybe you are a Phillies fan and would prefer Ryan Howard's drawers.

Or.... Joe Mauer's drawers...

I guess everyone in baseball is a briefs kinda guy.


  1. LOL! The auction states they are gag gifts using never-worn underwear.

    I've never been a huge fan of GU stuff...and this is why. It's a logical digression, and I'm surprised no card company has ever actually done it for real.

  2. The all caps was giving me a headache in the auction, so I kinda stopped reading. But make it fun, use Spongebob boxers or something for one.

    I don't really care for GU stuff either, I would rather wait and spend the money towards an autograph of the player.

  3. I would like to get a panty worn card of Angelina Jolie from the Tomb Raider Card Set

  4. That may actually work for lets say Cat Osterman, or Jennie Finch, and they would have to be game used, but a guys.

    For the birds..

  5. They could do a short print with a skid mark!!! lol. A true 1/1!!!