October 15, 2010

Does this seller go into the Hall of Shame?

Earlier this week I went on a little binge on eBay. I picked up a couple of single cards I really liked to save myself from buying a box of something I can't afford and really won't want once I open it. I decided to put in an offer on a 2010 Topps Triple Threads Adam Lind auto, and I won it. Great. Today I get my mail and there it was, within days I got my card. That made me happy, until I opened it.

Now, I can't get mad because the card isn't damaged and was wrapped in bubble wrap however, the card is missing on essential element. Look closely... Click to zoom in... That's right, no top loader. Not even a penny sleeve. Just thrown in a team bag. Sigh. I know Lind isn't all that good, but he deserves a toploader.


  1. Some people just don't get it. I remember years ago I bought a second year Yount card that was labeled as a 75 rookie, which I took the seller to task about, but the worst thing was he stapled through the card!!! Now I only paid less than a buck plus shipping and got all of it back but come on really??!!?? Yeah and I would think that someone who would buy highend stuff like that would know how to protect it and store it.

  2. Yes that was very shady. I send everything in penny sleeves and a top loaded. My be we need to write a small constitution with the requirements of sending cardboard through the mail. Have everyone that agrees sign it. If the person you are buy from is not on it encourage them to become a responsible shipper of cards. The constitution could be something as simple as one of these blogs. I to have been a victim of poor shipping. I was once ship 2 card in a regular envelope with the cards in penny sleeves only. It sucked. Just a thought.

  3. won it from topps, huh? ;)

    That's how Topps ships NPN's, more or less. Card in a paper sleeve and then in a bubble mailer - no toploader or stiffener.

    I'd expect Topps to know better, ebay sellers not so much because a lot of sellers dab in selling all sorts of things so if baseball cards are infrequent for them to sell, they may not know how best to ship them.

    I'd say another one of my experiences is for the hall of shame - card in penny sleeve and paper envelope from an ebay win (only a $2 auto card at auction win). Paper envelope trumps bubble mailer for worst protection of a card not in a toploader.

    None of my cards mentioned were damaged, but the potential was there for damage.

  4. Looks like somebody's getting one star on some of their seller DSRs.

    When you leave feedback, you should mention something about the fact that you dodged a bullet, but that you won't buy again unless you know it's going to shipped properly.