October 11, 2010

Card Show Loot!

Last week at the card show I picked up a couple of cool cards for my PC, but just haven't had time to blog about it until now. The show as I mentioned in an earlier blog was pretty small compared to the previous shows at the Westchester County Center.

I know most of the vendors there because they are always the same guys. I stopped at one table and picked up a card:

2008 Topps Opening Day Robinson Cano (red line is on the penny sleeve)

Nothing else exciting at that table so I moved onto the guy who knows who I collect and just rattles off what he just opened of my guys before I look for them. He pointed out he still had the Albert Pujols Finest /25 for me, and had just opened some 2010 206. He said he thought of me when he pulled this card:

Naturally, I bought it. He also had these two mini American Caramels that I needed so I snagged them as well.

I also grabbed a couple of other random cards that I needed from guys that were selling them for a quarter or fifty cents.

Last but not least, I finally snagged one of the 2010 Topps blue back Albert Pujols cards. That made me happy.

While it was nice to walk around at the card show and flip through some bargain cards and pick up some good stuff, it honestly was not very exciting. I hope the next show has more to offer because this one was kind of blah.

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  1. The Cano American Caramel autograph would have looked so much better as an on-card auto. Why must the card companies ruin a great looking card with a shiny sticker?