October 13, 2010

The Best Worst Time of the Year

Yes, I know how crazy the title of this post sounds but it is exactly that. We are approaching the League Championship Series this week and the World Series isn't that far off, so it is definitely the best time of the year. The downside is that baseball season is almost over, which means a countdown to pitchers and catchers and nothing to watch on tv. I would say this even if the Yankees weren't in the playoffs, I just love playoffs.

What will be great this week, no matter who wins either series are the pitching match-ups between the teams. Obvisously when you have the four best teams playing each other that will happen, but something about this year just feels exciting.

Friday night will start the ALCS, where C.C. Sabathia and C.J. Wilson are scheduled to pitch. Both pitchers had great seasons, Sabathia winning 21 games and Wilson winning 15. Two or three of Sabathia's rookie cards happen to be in toploaders
in my PC, and I think I ended up with it from a bargain pack a year or two ago. He also has one autographed version of his rookie card. What an idea, a few rookie cards to chase and none of them command an $8,000 price tag (ahem, Albert).

-2000 Topps Prospects C.C. Sabathia
-1999 Topps Traded C.C. Sabathia RC Auto
-1999 Bowman C.C. Sabathia RC Auto
-1999 Bowman Chrome C.C. Sabathia RC Auto

-2002 Topps Traded C.J. Wilson Prospects
-2002 Bowman Chrome C.J. Wilson RC
-2003 Bowman's Best Chrome C.J. Wilson RC Auto

This is the part where I say I'm glad Cliff Lee can't start game one. This is also the part where I say I'm not sure if that matters because he can still pitch twice in the series if need be.

Now, the NLCS seems like it will be an absolutely incredible pitching duel. Roy Halladay, who in case you live under a rock, threw a no hitter in the NLDS will be pitching against Tim Lincecum who happened to have pitched a game where he struck out 14 batters. Sounds pretty boring, right? NOT (said in Borat's voice). During the regular season Halladay won 21 games for the Phillies, and Lincecum won 16 for the Giants. I honestly don't know if I have any Halladay rookie cards, but I know I have a bunch of Lincecum base rookie cards in my binder.

-1997 Bowman Roy Halladay RC
-1997 Bowman's Best Roy Halladay RC
-1999 Pacific Paramount Roy Halladay RC
-1999 SP Signature Edition Roy Halladay RC Auto

-2007 UD SP Rookie Edition Tim Lincecum RC #124
-2007 UD SP Rookie Edition Tim Lincecum RC #166
-2007 UD SP Rookie Edition Tim Lincecum RC #264
-2007 Bowman's Best Tim Lincecum RC Auto
-2007 Bowman Sterling Tim Lincecum RC Auto
-2007 SP Authentic BTL Tim Lincecum RC Auto

With all the excitement in the air this week it will be really hard for me to concentrate on studying for my midterms.

Which pitching match-up are you most looking forward to? Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how Phil Hughes pitches for the Yankees. I feel like Andy is going to go out there and give you everything he has just as he always does, and well C.C. is C.C.


  1. it's not too bad of time of year. Yes, MLB is wrapping up, but then my attention turns to the Mexican Winter League baseball (and the fun of seeing which former major or minor leaguers you can find among the rosters) and I also enjoy cricket when I can find a satellite feed.

    The pitching matchup I'm most excited about? Halladay vs. the best female pitcher in baseball, Lincecum.

  2. Lincecum vs. Halladay should be actually, and truly, epic. Not just Xbox LIVE thirteen-year-old version of epic, but truly a historic matchup, however it turns out.

    My favorite Lincecum card is the 2006 Tristar Prospects Plus Gold Auto. Numbered to 50, it's amongst the shortest printed early auto cards of him.

  3. Are you links to eBay messed up or am I missing something. Just wondering.

    Always like reading your blogs. It's one of my regular reads. Keep up the great blog.


    Phillip aka paw75

  4. Thanks Paw =)

    Links seem to work on the post, I just clicked on them to double check.

  5. Yeah, the Halladay v. Lincecum definitely could be hyped up to "epic" in a adult way.

  6. paw75 is right. The 1st 3 of the 4 Doc links are of the Sabathia prospect card.

  7. Ahhh, I saw that was wrong with the links. I'm pretty sure they are working now. Sorry it took me all day, just got to my computer.