October 4, 2010

Anyone need a gift idea?

A gift for my birthday that is, of course.

In my usual daily Robinson Cano search on eBay, I stumbled across a 2010 Triple Threads Robbie Cano 1/1 that I would LOVE to have. While normally the game used jersey part is quote boring (read: all gray), this one really stands out as a 1/1 with some cool patches/writing going on in there.

December 10th.

Maybe a bunch of people chip in a dollar.... I'll even chip in. =)

But seriously, this is a really sweet card and I like that the 1/1 has a different game used area than all the others I have seen. Kudos to Topps on this one.


  1. that swatch on the left looks like the inside of the pants. i did tigers fantasy camp this year and your name, number and measurements are stitched on the inside waistband of the pants. cool 1/1!

  2. Man, I don't need my measurements stitched ANYWHERE! Haha!

    Seriously, though, how much would you say is a "fair" price to pay for that? I'd pick it up as a gift and get folks to pitch in for ya! :-)