October 3, 2010

2010 206 Mickey Mantle cards

Today I went to the White Plains card show and the first thing I noticed aside from it being not crowded at all was that there were about 20 less vendors than normal. I got there about an hour before they closed, but still was pretty sad for a Saturday.

I made it to 2 tables before spending my allowance. They were both within 20 feet of the entrance... However, one of the guys I buy from on a regular basis had an interesting piece of fabric on his 2010 206 Mantle game used warmup jacket card.

Now if you click on the above link, that auction shows 3 colors on the jacket. My question is what kind of jacket were these taken from with such odd color combination's? The one the vendor had was teal, white and black. This picture may not be clear enough to tell, but that's what it was.

I learned a little bit about how Topps goes out of their way and spends good money to get game used items so I honestly don't doubt the authenticity (that much), but I find it curious where this jacket was from or if this was a coat he wore when he retired to the gym.


  1. I pulled in interesting Mantle dual relic from a box of T-206 a couple weeks ago, same kind of thing. The pants were just white, no pinstripes or anything, but the jacket swatch I got was three colors - black, white, and red.

  2. I don't know but that a very nice pickup.

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  4. I think the catch in this particular case is how the relic is qualified. Even if it says "game used", it must have "official MLB game" to be believed as a normal piece of uniform or equipment.

    It could have been an old-timers' game, some other charity event, even maybe something he wore on Home Run Derby. It's still not the same as a Yankee pinstripe that was worn in game vs the Twins in 1967, let's say.

    I recall that some 2007 retail Factory sets contain an official Mickey Mantle relic card. I got a set as a Christmas gift that year from family. Mine looks like a piece of flannel jammies or hunting gear. There's no way it came from an even remotely related to baseball event. It's just expressed to have been "worn by Mickey Mantle", much like I 'wear' a dinner napkin on my lap at Pasta Pomodoro.