September 16, 2010

Warning: This is random

So I'm flipping around on the tv, and one of the movies on right now is Office Space. If you haven't seen this movie you are seriously missing out, especially if you work in a cubicle or for a real pain in the ass. This movie was made for every person who hates everything from their commute to the end of the day.

I can bet you can get a real cheap DVD of the movie on eBay that will make you happy forever and ever.

"I don't really like paying bills, so I don't think I'm gonna do that anymore."

I recommend the Collectors version with the mug and the flair, that's the one I have.


  1. I LOVE Office Space! I also love random things. Kudos on hitting two with one shot.

    I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.

  2. That's a great movie. It's been like two months since I've seen it. It's about time for another viewing.

  3. It is impossible to sum up how great a movie this is in one comment or posting.

    The printer scene is the best.

  4. I was watching it tonight too. Love it.

  5. I work in a cubicle and I'm in IT. This movie is a cult classic to me. I'm constantly using quotes from the movie at work.

    "Yeah...I'm gonna have to ask you to come in a Saturday."

    "Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays."

    "No-talent ass-clown"

    "What the F is PC-Load Letter?"

    "If things go well, I might be showing her my O-face...OH, OH, OH"

    "I wouldn't say I've been 'missing' it."

  6. This is easily the most quoted movie at my place of work.

    "He represents all that's soulless and wrong! ... And you slept with him!"

  7. I also highly recommend Mike Judge's follow-up: Idiocracy. If you don't find yourself quoting that one, you may not be human. -Andy

  8. Andy!!!! I need your address to send your 206 cards buddy. Please e-mail me.

  9. I've got The Geto Boys' "Still" on my MP3 player in honor of the printer scene.

    Yes, I play it too loudly while on my commute.

    Yes, I lower the volume and roll up my window like Michael Bolton when it's playing and I'm stopped in traffic.