September 19, 2010

Sunday Question

With baseball's regular season winding down, who do you think is going to take make the playoffs?

This week there are some very interesting series, including the Phillies and Braves meeting Monday-Wednesday.

Here are my predictions:

AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Minnesota Twins
AL West: Texas Rangers
Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies
NL Central: Cincinnati Reds
NL West: San Francisco Giants (this is the hardest division to predict)
Wild Card: Atlanta Braves


  1. I agree with you on your predictions, but I think the NL Wild Card will come out of the NL West. I have no idea who it will be though.

  2. I disagree with your AL predictions. I'm going with the Rays to win the East and the Boston Red Sox to take the wild card!

    Haha, no not really about the Red Sox. But it COULD happen if the Rays sweep the Yankees and the Red Sox win all of their games against them.

    It should be a great ALCS with the Rays against the Yankees!

  3. We went to Atlanta for vacation this year. If our track record holds, the Braves will win the World Series. When we go to a game for vacation, that team either wins the series or had won it the year before. Just sayin. If it holds true, next year we're going to Cleveland. Period.