September 5, 2010

Sunday Question

This is a fun time of year for baseball fans. The only thing not to love about September is baseball season is almost over.

What I enjoy most - before the postseason - are the September call ups. I put up one story about San Fransisco outfielder Darren Ford.

But I bet there are other stories I haven't heard yet. I want to know your favorite September call up story. It doesn't even have to be from this year either.

Also, are there are any guys you hoped you would get to see but have not?


  1. Definitely the Max St Pierre story. The 30 year old has spent 13 years in the minors and was finallty called up to the Tigers. When he made his mlb debut yesterday he contributed to the game winning run. Great story.

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  3. good call, was minutes away from posting the same thing!

  4. John Lindsey has St. Pierre "beat" by three years.

    He's getting called up to the Dodgers on Monday after 16 years in the minors. He's 33.

  5. It is not at all a traditional callup but Mike Hampton getting called back up after so many issues deserves a mention.

  6. I vote for Rocco Baldelli's return to the Rays