September 2, 2010

Stickers on RRR are just for show

Screen capture  of Razor Rookie Retro stickers
There was hope with Razor Rookie Retro, the boxes would be tamper proof. Brian Gray stated there would be stickers to prevent tampering with the boxes.

That’s great! Right?

On Wednesday night, Andrew from All in Cards did a three-case break on Ustream (watch it: there was an amazing hit ... here's a hint) and it showed the stickers, which are supposed to help prevent tampering, are for nothing more than display. These boxes can easily be searched and put back together.

(I’m not giving out those details on how to do it, but there are many who know it.)

The stickers were literally silver foil with Leaf imprinted in black. Leaf stickers on a Razor product, I might add. Andrew shows at the beginning of the video just how easily the stickers come off.

Upper Deck had it right with Ultimate when part of the sticker would rip off and the other part would stay on the box, so collectors would know if the box was previously opened.

Live and learn. Get better stickers if you are truly into preventing tampering.


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  1. Which makes me glad that I don't like Razor in the first place.