September 13, 2010

Sig Hansen auto spotted

Sig Hansen has finally surfaced.

When 2010 Allen and Ginter came out, Sig Hansen was on the checklist but he didn’t seem to show up in anyone’s cases. Sig Hansen relic redemption cards were found, but nothing regarding the auto.

Recently, Topps stated the relic redemptions would instead be autograph redemptions and Topps held to that. If you got the redemption already, you're lucky.

The company started shipping out the redemptions and the first one has popped up on eBay.

If you have a redemption card on hand, you're lucky. There doesn't seem to be anymore of these listed on ebay anymore.

Hansen is one the fishing boat captains from the television series Deadliest Catch. His card has a broad appeal with set collectors and fans of the show.

It’s unknown how many of these cards exist.

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