September 9, 2010

Panini preview: 2010-2011 Donruss Hockey

2010-11 Donruss Hockey

There has not been a Donruss-branded hockey product in over 10 years and for the first time since the 1997-98 season, Panini is bringing it back.

The company released information on 2010-2011 Donruss Hockey on Wednesday regarding, which will have five cards per pack and 24 packs per box. Due to release Nov. 17, the product has a SRP $4 per pack. In one box, there should be two memorabilia or autographs cards and several inserts.

The product also includes celebrity hockey fans such Pamela Anderson, actor Michael Ontkean and singer Stompin’ Tom Connors (I have no idea who that is).

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  1. Stompin' Tom Connors is a beloved, old-time Canadian folk singer. A bit of a national icon. He wrote 'Sudbury Saturday Night', 'Bud The Spud' & 'The Hockey Song'.

    There's a bit of Canadiana for the day.

  2. Sooz,

    go to youtube and search for stompin tom...

    but remember, What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

    what has been heard, cannot be unheard.

    I warned you.

  3. OK, this will make some people shudder, but what do the base cards look like?

  4. I added the base card at the bottom

  5. i bought a box of these recently but my box says 24 packs with 10 cards per pack. Everywhere online it says 24 packs with 5 cards per pack anyone know why this is ?