September 24, 2010

Maybe it's just me ...

A buddy of mine opened a box 2010 Topps Triple Threads and shared the break with me in some pics. He got a pretty nice haul with an Albert Pujols relic card and an auto/bat card of Stan Musial.

But I kept looking back at the Pujols cards. Every time I read it, I chuckled to myself because I'm really just an immature kid who can't find the time to grow up.

If you read that and don't know what I'm talking about then I suggest you move on. Prince Albert is a term for a male genital piercing. Then, my mind went other places, but that's for the XXX-rated blog. This isn't the first time this nickname has been used, so maybe the designers didn't really think about it in the way my perverted mind went.

If you were a trading card designer, would you try to put suggestive comments or pictures on items and see if they would make it through?

I know Disney items are famous for this kind of thing, including The Little Mermaid cover where a piece of the castle was shaped like a penis.

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  1. Ring Ring


    Do You have Prince Albert in a Can?

    Why yes we do.

    Well you better let him out.


  2. I think you are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  3. Way too much time on your hands dude. Maybe the wrong thing in your hand as well????? Oh well, it's the weekend. Be nasty!!!!!

  4. Dude ... I hope you realize I'm a woman. So even if that is in my hand, i don't see a problem.

  5. I hear young women call each other "dude" on a daily basis.

    I don't get it either.

  6. Either way, that is a very nice Puljos card!

  7. You have an XXX-rated blog? Is that the one with the video of someone putting a "thick" Tim Tebow rookie card in their mouth?

  8. I agree, I never knew he was called that but apparently they do in St. Louis because some one on the beckett board stuck up for the nick name even know i def think its gay.