September 15, 2010

Cuts 4 Cut - Anti-Franken Mantle Card

The other day Sooz blogged about a Franken Mantle card that was just awful in every sense of the word. Today, as usual I was trolling eBay searching for goofy things I don't need, can't afford, or whatever and I discovered an interesting resemblance to the that ugly card.

Check out this 2006 Triple Threads Cuts 4 Cuts card and let me know what you see or think...

I'll tell you what I think.... I think this was probably a dumb idea 4 years ago and there was a left over picture in perfectly good condition that appeared one day with a note saying, "Hey, you forgot to chop me up and make me into an ugly card."


  1. Still not understanding those.

  2. Mind boggling. I have to wonder if the poor schlep that is tasked with cutting those up feels any remorse as he's cutting. I know I would.

  3. I actually like it! Take Mantle and Williams autos that may or may not be forged and put them on a card that Topps certifies is authentic (and gives you a good legal footing to sue Topps if you might do your own independent research and find one or more of the sigs is fake).

    I know I buy cert autos rather than those from people who claim to have them signed IP at spring training or at the hotel or MLB stadium because I have a little more trust in the certification from Topps/UD/Tristar, etc. than I do some guy I don't know.