September 14, 2010

2010 Upper Deck Sweet Spot (NCAA Edition) is live

Over the years, Sweet Spot has been one of my favorite baseball products. This year, no baseball, but Upper Deck is showing off its CLC license with an NCAA Sweet Spot product.

This product features many football stars of the past and present in their college uniforms.

And, literally, the very first of these cards are trickling onto eBay.

I'll put a list here of some of the cooler hits to land on eBay, but since I'm limited right now, this is all that's out there.

- Tim Tebow Gators helmet auto
- Ndamukong Suh helmet auto
- Brett Favre two-color sweet swatch
- Dexter McCluster helmet auto
- Beanie Wells sweet swatch
- Dan Marino sweet swatch
- Mark Sanchez sweet swatch

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  1. Hell yeah, I've been waiting for this product for a while. Like you, I LOVE Sweet Spot. The only other sport I REALLY follow besides baseball is college football... this product rocks. Bye bye, disposable income.

  2. See, I'm not a college football fan (guess that happens when you have to work literally every Saturday and you went to community college!), but from what I've seen of this product it looks VERY nice. Good to see UD back in the non-hockey sports arena.