September 1, 2010

2010 Topps T-206 Case Hit Scans

As most of you know we did a case break last night of 2010 Topps T-206. If you were in on the break and you want to see the video, you can view it here. I thought we got a GREAT case of cards from BlowOut Cards, and it was really fun to open. I nearly fell of my chair from one single card. Anyway, you guys check them out up close and personal now and let me know what you think.

Stephen Strasburg

Ryan Braun printing plate

Christy Mathewson 1/1 Carolina Brights

Miguel Cabrera gold chrome

Grady Sizmore gold chrome

Ty Cobb silk

Adam Lind

Bengie Molina

Max Scherzer

Clete Thomas

Adam Jones

Chris Young

Tyler Colvin

Ryan Garko

Duke Snider

Franklin Morales

Shin Soo Choo

Curt Schilling

Cal Ripken Jr.

Tony Gwynn Jr.

Alex Gordon

Kevin Slowey

These next 3 dual books are case hits (booklet auction link), meaning there should have only been one... We got super lucky.

Tim Lincecum/Roy Halladay

Joe Mauer/Brian McCann

Ichiro/Albert Pujols

However, they now pose a problem to 4 teams (I already worked out mine). I would like to see if they can work out a deal between them to do something with the cards as opposed to random choice amongst the 4 people as to who gets the cards. Please let me know what you guys decide so I know what to do with them. Sorry that the scans of the front of the books were small, but I wasn't going to risk damaging them in the scanner so I only closed it onto my finger, but for some reason the Mauer one looks great.

Overall, I think that this case was a huge success in terms of hits. We got waayyyyy more than we were supposed to, that's for sure.

Here are the mini variations:

Polar Bear:

-Molina, Giants
-Cruz, Rangers
-Duke, Pirates
-Davis, Rangers
-Kendrick, Angels
-Gomez, Brewers
-Weaver, Angels
-Young, DBacks
-Ibanez, Phillies
-Uggla, Marlins
-Evers, Cubs
-Morneau, Twins
-Kershaw, Dodgers
-Cameron, Red Sox
-Kaline, Tigers
-Hart, Brewers
-Zobrist, Rays

Old Mill:

-Webb, DBacks
-Wright, Mets
-Dawson, Expos
-Masterson, Indians
-Carmona, Indians
-Renteria, Giants
-Uehara, O's
-Reyes, Mets
-Markakis, O's
-Matsui, Astros

Cycle /99:

-Leake, Reds
-Greinke, Royals
-Martin, Dodgers
-Borbon, Rangers
-Kubel, Twins
-Feliz, Astros
-Inge, Tigers

The rest of the mini's you can see in the video. The historical events mini's, I have no idea what you guys want to do with. We can randomly give them to people who did not get hits (if they want them), or I can see if we have a complete set and we can sell that with the Strasburgs.

The next order of business are the Andre Dawson cards, I know there are one or two bloggers that collect him. Perhaps we offer them to those people first, and if they were not involved we can sell them to them?

OK guys, I gotta do some homework. Let me know what you thought of the break, AND whether or not you want a bunch of base cards in addition to your team set/inserts/hits. I will not be taking many additional base cards, probably around 4 to be honest so that will leave more for the people who are trying to build a set.

Anything else you guys want to comment on here, feel free. This was fun and comments will help me procrastinate all night. =)

P.S. I will work on sorting them tonight and tomorrow and hopefully get them mailed out Saturday/Monday. I separated all the mini's and golds to keep the mini's from getting damaged and to just make looking through the base cards easier.

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  1. Wow. I made out like a freaking bandit in this break. Thank you so much for hosting and for your lucky Tiger-pulling fingers!

    I'll also take the extra Tigers base cards off your hands if you don't mind shipping them.

    As for the historical minis--I say see if there is a complete set and then try to sell.

    For the Dawsons, offer them up to the bloggers who collect and see if they want to buy them--much easier and karma-friendly than putting on eBay.

    Thanks again!

  2. To be honest, I'll be happy with the Old Mill and Cycle Astros Minis (I'll throw 'em on eBay) and then two base cards / all minis / One bronze (if we pulled them) of the following: Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence, Roy Oswalt, Nolan Ryan (One base card, if our Mets guy will be willing?), MIchael Bourn, Hunter Pence and Tommy Manzella. If we got a short print of Hunter Pence I want that too, of course. :)

  3. Wow your not kidding what a great break and 3 books that's incredible. Nice Caroline Brights pull too and the Braun printing plate. I'm sure there are lots of happy people.

  4. I'm happy for picking the Giants as one of my teams! Mathewson card is nice. For who ever had the phillies, let's try to work something out on the Halladay/Lincecum booklet. My email is Just email me and we will work it out. Thanks! Great case!
    Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

  5. What a nice bunch of hits. The only case of cards I ever bought was 1988 Score. I saved it for years for investment reasons. That didn't work out so well.

  6. I thought the break was very cool...and would definitely participate again. I had the Rockies and was hoping for some cool CarGo's...didn't work out, but still worth the fun.

  7. I had a great time watching the break. My jaw hit the floor when the Ripken Bat card appeared. I really did well overall.

    For the historical minis, see if there is a complete set and put them on the bay.

    Dawsons: offer them to the bloggers that collect him first.

  8. Marie,
    put whomever has the twins in touch with me as I definitely want the McCann book.
    He's one of my player collections...

  9. never mind marie...

    we got it sorted out.

  10. fieldlevelview-

    you can grab a Nolan Ryan if you wanted it. You can shoot me an email if you need to as well.

  11. Sweet break!

    There are some great cards in there, but...

    A Ryan Garko autograph card? He didn't play a single game for the M's in the regular season (he was cut in Spring Training). How is he in this product?

    Topps never fails to astound me.

  12. Thanks a bunch for doing this.

    I'm quite happy with what I got. And I only need the Dodgers. No starter for me.

  13. All I need out of the break is any Hamiltons (if there were any), so don't worry about shipping any base or extras to me.

    I'll take the Strasburgs too, if that's OK with everyone. :)

  14. I am Adam Gump in Fort Wayne, In and have been collecting Andre Nolan Dawson cards for 21 years (since I was 10 years old) I am interested in a Dawson Red Chrome Carolina Brights, Silk, Framed Mini Printing Plates, Stamp card, Mini Book Relic or any other short print card. Please let me know if you can help. Your video is amazing.