September 7, 2010

2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition - it's now or never

Panini posted some new photos to their Facebook page today for 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition.

Here are the three photos they posted and link to their Facebook account.

This product should be released this month and if it is delayed for any reason, don’t expect to see it on the open market. Donruss Elite Edition has a CLC license, which is exclusive to Upper Deck but the exclusivity doesn’t kick in until the end of the month.

Here are the pictures Panini teased on its Facebook account. There will be some sticker autos and some on-card autos.

You’ll notice there are city names missing from the cards, but a Donruss official explained that bit of missing info to the nice folks at Freedom Cardboard.

Not all the cards will be like this.

"The first 100 players in 2010 Elite Extra Edition – Commons - will have parallel autographs called Franchise Futures (formerly called Turn of the Century) – those will the player name and team/city they were drafted by. The Franchise Futures are the only autographs for those 100, outside, of course, the die-cut Aspirations and Status parallels.

The second 100 (#’s 101-200) are called Autographed Rookies, and don’t include the city/position on the card front, like the Zack Cox image shows. Those Autographed Rookies just include Rookie on the front, but the team and position ARE listed on the back. There are no Franchise Futures for those 100 players. But, of course, there are the autographed die-cut Aspirations and Status parallels."
Freedom Cardboard also has two more exclusive photos from this set.

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  1. I love the look of these cards every year.