September 22, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome Teams

We're approaching the end of the month and I need to know who is definitely taking their team and I need to have the payments in this way if there are any unpaid teams I can open it up to people who want one. There is a waiting list for several teams so that is why I am trying to get everyone who is on board to speak up and cough up the dough.

Teams are $31 per team, with all USA cards and dual autos going into a random drawing among the teams who did not pull anything higher than a blue refractor.

To see the teams that are definitely claimed, just click here.

The teams with the first crack are the ones who participated in the 206 break, if those people can let me know if they are keeping their team or not it would be great.

I'm also toying with doing a pre-order for 2011 Topps baseball..... but first things first. We need to fill this one.


  1. I would definitely love to get in on the Red Sox, though I believe from previous posts that someone was already interested. If that doesn't work out, please contact me at

  2. I have made sendings the money for the Giants just a few minutes ago.


  3. I would love to take the Reds in this case break if possible.

  4. Just sent payment for the Padres.


  5. I paid you guys.

    I think anyway. It was a long week in Vegas.

    Did I pay you?

  6. Could I grab the Reds in the case break? I know that the case will be out in a few days, and I would like to know soon if I could take the Reds.