August 3, 2010

Who needs the National...

Who needs the National when you can get great deals on eBay on the cards you want? Not me. I have been scouring the listings carefully to find cards that I need of Robbie Cano. A couple of the cards that I found have come in today and I must say that the scan doesn't do the Tribute card justice. It really is sweet in person. These are the two cards I got...

2010 Topps Tribute Robinson Cano /50

2007 Bowman's Best Robinson Cano Blue /99
I am waiting on one last card to come in the mail and I am hoping to see it when I get back from the National.

If you aren't going to the National, think about allllllll the money you saved, and buy yourself something nice on eBay. (No one said I would give good advice on here.)

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