August 22, 2010

What is wrong with Topps?

Honestly, I want to know how much they pay the people in Quality Control because it really isn't enough. Do they have robots watching what crap they turn out for a $250-$300 per box product?

Look at this ridiculous 2010 Topps Tribute Cano "ERROR" /25. This is the second card I have seen just of Cano that has looked like crap. It really makes me mad because now there are only 24 chances at this card, and maybe 10 of them will actually land on eBay or end up for sale somewhere.

There is absolutely no reason or excuse to produce a card like this and allow it to get into a box of anything much less one of your high end products.

I will NEVER buy a pack of this product much less a box. Way to keep the "value" in the box, Topps.


  1. Panini does it so often that it's ridiculous. I have no idea how the stickers are applied, but when I worked for Sony back in the day, we applied stickers all the time to products and always looked the product over to see if there were issues. Of course if we mest up 5-10 discs it didn't cost nearly the money that these sticker autos do. They probably saw it but did nothing because of the cost of correction.

  2. I am amazed that people have actually big on this card

  3. I can guarantee Topps has extra stickers laying around that they could have used if they made a new card.

    They had enough to make uncirculated auto cards of Cano earlier this year.

  4. What's worse is that their customer service department doesn't seem to notice a problem either. I had a David Ortiz card where the autograph was applied upside down. I contact Topps, sent in the card... and got a card returned to me that also had an upside down autograph. I sent that one back in and got one that went off of the sticker three times. Nothing but shit all around. They really should be ashamed. I usually rave about Topps' customer service, but time it was terrible and it seems like I'm sending something in to them after every box that I break. The quality control is absolutely terrible there.

  5. I know what you mean, Offy. I had plenty of damaged cards from the Chicle packs, 2010 Bowman, and a bunch of crushed Ginter mini's.

    I took all but the crushed A-Rod mini and tossed 'em. I don't forsee Topps sending me anything better in return.

  6. hmmm, Robinson Cano prefers to be called "rob". I see an issue there - he certainly can afford the "inson" letters ;)

    You mean one of your favorite yankees isn't onaC boR? ;)

    what's wrong with topps? they are a monopoly now. they don't have to care because where else are you going to spend your baseball sport card dollars? Tristar??? hahahahahaha.