August 14, 2010

Wax breaks from the National

Well, I had this grand idea that purchasing wax boxes would be fun and it was fun for the five minutes it took to open them, and after that it was a reminder why I don't like buying wax sometimes. I should have just bought one of the 2 auto's of Jeter I saw instead of all the wax.

The first thing I picked up was a box of 2003 Flair hobby box that I split with one of the mods from Freedom Cardboard, John a.k.a. bouwob on the board. We got a decent discount on the box from Atlanta Sportscards and went for it. The box topper was a jumbo Hideo Nomo patch that he took to give someone on Freedom Cardboard since neither of us wanted it. I have the rest of the "hits" here, which are available for trade (still waiting to see if PTB needs the Burrell card).

What box break would be complete without my buddy Chipper Jones.
This Soriano card is /100 and I rather like these cards. Design is pretty cool.

Next craptastic hobby box was 2004 SP Prospects. Going in I knew that this box would be hit or miss, but I was trying to get one of the better auto's like Phil Hughes. I didn't get Hughes but I did get a variety of prospects that are home coaching little league. Sweet.

Here are the "highlights" with the exception of 3 cards that I liked (Gordon, Jeter, Clement):

I couldn't figure out why I thought I knew Ben Harrison, then I looked around and this article may be what I knew of him.

4 autos: (what does an owl say?) who, who, who, and who.
Dual auto of...... who/who

The other box I got was 2006 UD Artifacts, which I traded my 2009 Bowman Football box for from Topps. I don't like football, and these were the same price. Here is what was in that box:

The final thing I bought could have been way worse, but wasn't worth the $20 I paid for it. I bought one pack of 2008 Sweet Spot the last day we were there because I was so bored. This is what I got:

2008 Triple Memorabilia Greg Maddux, Chris Carpenter, Roy Halladay

So that concludes my loot from the National. The singles I got will not be posted to save your sanity and mine. If anyone is interested in any of these cards, just leave a comment or send an e-mail.


  1. I just saw Andrew Dobies pitch for the Somerset Patriots last weekend. He literally could not get an out.

  2. I'm looking forward to the national next year partly because of the random wax busting opportunities.

    I'd love that Maddux, but I don't know if I'd have much to offer at this point. Let me know what it might take - communitygum (at) gmail